For the vast majority of people the decision to divorce is a difficult one; it comes at the end of a long process of personal reflection, introspection and a realisation that there is a problem in the marriage which the person feels the parties cannot fix.  Where there are children involved, it involves breaking up a family and the knowledge that this decision will have reverberating effects on not just the couple but the family and extended family as well.

It is vital therefore that you have an attorney whom you trust and who specialises in family law matters, and more particularly, a divorce attorney who can guide you through the bewildering procedures involved in a divorce.

Riva Lange Attorneys has over fifteen years of experience in matters pertaining to divorce and family law. We ensure that our clients receive all the procedural assistance necessary to in the divorce process, as well as providing emotional support through this sensitive period in our clients’ lives.

Riva Lange is a trained mediator and regular volunteer at Family Life Centre, and is one of very few attorneys in South Africa who are trained in the procedures of collaborative divorces and is therefore able to assess what system would best work for each case.

One of the key features of Collaborative Divorce is that the parties’ legal representatives and the mental health practitioners involved sign an agreement prohibiting them from acting in any future litigation should the process not result in an agreement. The process involves a collaborative approach between the parties, their legal representatives, neutral mental health practitioners and independent neutral financial advisors. This team of professionals is brought together in order to achieve the best outcome for both parties of the divorce as well as any children that may be involved.

Collaborative divorce is beneficial for a number of reasons:

  • The terms reached are mutually agreed upon by all parties and therefore suffers the least risk of litigation.
  • The collaborative participation agreement signed by both parties and all professionals means that at the onset of litigation all professional services are terminated. This results in the total commitment from all involved to reach a mutually acceptable settlement.
  • Before the process can begin, both parties to the divorce agree to use efforts of good faith as well as provide all the necessary information and material necessary to successfully reach an accepted settlement.
  • Mental health practitioners and life coaches can be included in the collaborative divorce team to assist both parties through the emotional trauma usually experienced in a divorce.
  • Children are also assisted and further supported in cases of collaborative divorce by the inclusion of child development specialists.
  • The inclusion of health practitioners and life coaches is completely at the divorce parties’ discretion, but will undoubtedly lead to a thorough and well-moderated final settlement.

It is assumed that, because of the inclusion of so many professionals in the proceeding mediation, the costs of a collaborative divorce are inflated. However in many cases collaborative divorce process will result in lowered costs because of the resulting negation of legal battles which often results in huge costs on behalf of both parties.

Whatever your needs, Riva Lange Attorneys can assist you.  Whilst Riva is committed to settling matters in a way that will preserve a relationship between the parties going forward, when necessary she is a fierce litigator who fights for her clients.  A passion for justice and fairness underlies all the work that we do and you can rest assured that you are in good hands whilst you travel this oft times very difficult path from marriage to divorce.