Riva Lange was qualified as a mediator in 2009. Her experience of successful mediation includes a number of family law matters involving all aspects of family law from divorce to parenting plans and parental responsibilities and rights agreement.

What are the main benefits to mediation?

  • Mediation offers clients the opportunity to resolve their differences in a way that allows them both to be heard, which promotes dialogue and puts the parties in the driver’s seat. In litigation, the parties are at the mercy of the legal system and the final decision is reached by a judge. The legal process can be brutal and the nature of litigation is to create and foster acrimony between the parties. In family law matters this has a particularly devastating effect on children who in addition to the trauma of the divorce, have the added trauma of warring parents.
  • An added benefit of mediation is that it is not as lengthy a process as litigation and this saves the parties a considerable amount of money in the long run. Fighting a legal battle within the courts can drag on for months or even years.

How does mediation differ from traditional settlement negotiations?

The mediator is a neutral third party and is there to assist the parties in reaching agreement. The mediator doesn’t give advice but can provide information which assists the parties in coming to an agreement.

How to ensure a sound agreement?

  • The parties need to commit to being completely transparent with regard to their financial positions;
  • The parties must be open to discussing any and all issues that come up during the mediation in a respectful manner.
  • For there to be a sound agreement, both parties must understand that neither of them will be completely happy with the outcome of the agreement. If one party’s wants are entirely appeased, then this usually means that the other party is impaired.
  • Successful mediation relies on parties deflecting confrontation and being completely open to dialogue between one another.

Riva Lange strongly advocates the use of the co-mediation model whereby one of the mediators has a psychology background and the other a legal background, and they both assist in the formation of an agreeable settlement. Riva Lange Attorneys offers this model at a competitive rate, however, at the parties’ discretion, Riva Lange is equally comfortable on her own where clients prefer to have only one mediator.