When I separated from my now ex husband I had no idea what to do and where to go. After searching and enquiring with many divorce Attorneys, I found Riva Lange Attorneys online. I sent an enquiry, spoke to Riva and at our 1st interaction I knew I was going to appoint her as my lawyer, call it intuition. With Riva, the process was easier because she took time to walk me through the process, was patient, and was always there to answer any question and helped me feel at ease. Divorce is a very emotional journey and process and I know that having Riva representing me made things so much easier for me because I genuinely had my best interest at heart. I have seen friends going through the process with attorneys who were not aligned with them and that added so much additional stress. I am really fortunate to have had a completely different experience and recommend Riva Lange Attorneys to anyone going through a divorce and wants a lawyer who will walk the journey with them every step of the way.